EWAD-TZ Air Cooled chiller Inverter Screw Compressor
with R134a

Leading-edge chiller solutions

EWAD-TZThe new Daikin inverter screw compressor at the heart of the EWAD-TZ chiller range (50 - 200 tons) reflect's Daikin's commitment to developing highly efficient systems without compromising on reliability and performance. By installing these advanced chillers, business owners can benefit from significant carbon savings and reduce the impact of rising energy prices.

  • Compressor and inverter both designed by Daikin
  • Inverter integral to the compressor body
  • Inverter refrigerant cooled
  • VVR = Variable Volume Ratio for optimized efficiency
  • Enlarged discharge port and suction side for reduced refrigerant pressure drop
  • New optimized compressor motors

Best full load and part load efficiencies
EWAD-TZ is the first inverter driven unit to provide top performances under all working conditions: incomparable efficiency at part load with IPLV up to 24.6 and top efficiency values at full load with EER up to 12.2.

Compact design
The compact design of EWAD-TZ means you get the equivalent cooling capacity of a non-inverter unit but with better efficiency and the same physical footprint.

Silent operation for sound sensitive projects
Our new series has been specially engineered with sound sensitive environments in mind. Sound power levels at full load operating conditions are down to 86 dB(A).




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