EWWD-VZ Water Cooled Inverter Screw

Proven Performance and Proven Reliability




New VZ chiller series with inverter screw compressor

The new Daikin water cooled chiller delivers the highest efficiency in it's range. With it's small footprint, low noise level and wide operation range, the VZ chiller can be used for a variety of applications.

In addition to this, the VZ chiller is future ready, using the best refrigerant today and ready for the new refrigerants of tomorrow.


Top class efficiency - Average ESEER 8.3 - EER up to 5.7

Advantages vs non-inverter units

  • -25% energy consumption Top class efficiency-sq
  • -25% CO2 emissions
  • -25% running costs
  • return on investment < 2 years

Connectivity: remote access with one click




Remote maintenance reports





Remote software upgrade

Widest operating envelope in its category

The large operation range makes this chiller ideal for a variety of applications, from heat pump applications to data center cooling, from comfort cooling to brine/ice storage.


Download the VZ Chiller Brochure>

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