Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Compact and Cost Effective

An efficient water cooled scroll chiller from Daikin can help bring your operating budget in line. Shipped complete, these units are among the most efficient, quiet and reliable chillers available today.

  • Efficient—up to 16.1 EER at full load, up to 21.3 EER at part load (IPLV)
  • Scroll compressor technology is quiet for installation in sound sensitive environments, sound pressure levels as low as 72 dBA
  • Available for water-cooled, remote air-cooled, or evaporative condenser applications
  • Controls flexibility—MicroTech® II controls with our Open Choices™ feature for easy integration with the BAS of your choice
  • Designed for easy retrofit—fits through a standard three-foot door (sizes up to 130 tons)
  • R-410A refrigerant has no phase-out schedule and no ozone depletion potential
Ultra Quiet Operation

When you're looking for the best solution for efficient, quiet and reliable cooling, the clear choice is the new Daikin Pathfinder air cooled chiller. Ideal for replacement and new construction projects, it meets your requirements with three levels of efficiency: Standard – to meet ASHRAE 90.1; High – for enhanced efficiency; and Premium – for the highest efficiency in its class.

You can also be assured of quiet operation with sound pressure levels as low as 65 dBA with no attenuation.

With performance like this, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your building project and earn points toward LEED® certification, as well as keep your neighborhood quiet.


Which Daikin small to mid-size water cooled chiller is best for your project?

  WGZ Scroll WGS Screw
Size Range 30 to 200 tons 120 to 190 tons
Part Load up to 21.1 EER (IPLV) as low as 0.536 kW/ton IPLV
Full Load up to 16.1 EER as low as 0.715 kW/ton
Sound pressure (dBA) without attenuation* 72 to 87 73 to 77
Refrigerant R-410A R-134a
Circuits dual tandem or trio
Remote condensers available air cooled or evaporative water cooled
Integration options BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus communications


*Per ASHRAE Std. 575


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