MicroTech® Integrated System


int systemThe Daikin MicroTech Integrated System packages equipment and controls together seamlessly for high performance and installation as easy as plug and play. Using the browser based interface on the System Manager, facility managers or contractors can quickly view system status, trend information, change setpoints, and set up schedules. The built-in ancillary control feature allows users to define and create custom control sequences or alarms unique to their application, without the use of special programming tools.

System Solutions
  • Save money – offers many of the features of a big building control system at an affordable price
  • Save time – equipment is preloaded with job specific data in the factory, minimizing job site programming time
  • Save energy costs - all system components are pre-engineered to work seamlessly together for optimum energy efficiency

appKeep connected with your building using any device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a web browser. If you know how to use the internet, you already know how to use the MicroTech Integrated System.



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