Intelligent Equipment™

Smart buildings run on Intelligent Equipment™.

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Use advanced Internet of Things technology to connect rooftops and control HVAC
performance 24/7.

The Intelligent Equipment control solution provides real-time data streams for benchmarking performance and monitoring system operation. Daikin Intelligent Equipment solutions give you an alternative to expensive, traditional, building automation systems, providing remote diagnostics and control, reducing operating costs and improving system reliability.

Customers utilizing packaged rooftop systems as their primary HVAC solution no longer need to rely on a controls contractor or an expensive building automation system to leverage the benefits of this technology. Tools like remote access, trend information, energy monitoring and management, diagnostics, and alarm management are now a feature of the rooftop unit itself with Daikin Applied and Intelligent Equipment.

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Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things

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gatewayDaikin Applied and Intel transform the HVAC
industry with gateway solutions

Daikin Applied is harnessing the power of the Internet of Things by using Intel-based intelligent gateway solutions to deploy a complete end-to-end solution for commercial HVAC equipment. Intel, along with Wind River and McAfee, is enabling Daikin Applied to connect its rooftop units like Rebel and deliver data to the cloud.

This technology advancement enables Daikin Applied to harness large volumes of data, and put that knowledge to work in moving the industry towards intelligent building systems that intuitively know what building occupants need in terms of efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Intelligent Equipment brings advanced energy management and the power of the Internet to help building owners better manage the performance of their buildings and make them aware of HVAC issues before they happen, while service teams move from a reactive to a preventative service model.

Customer comfort increases while reducing operating and maintenance costs.


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Stay in touch, anywhere, anytime.

The Intelligent Equipment control solution is mobile compliant so you can be in touch with your system whether you are down the hall or half way around the world.

controlsWorks with existing buildings too!

Already have a Rebel or Maverick rooftop unit? You too can benefit with the Intelligent Equipment option. Daikin Applied offers a retrofit hardware kit that easily can be installed on your existing Daikin Rebel or Maverick II HVAC unit. We will have you connected in no time, so that you can enjoy the benefits of all that Intelligent Equipment has to offer. Contact your Daikin Applied sales or service office for more information.

An intelligent security solution that discovers
and blocks sophisticated threats to the network

securityDaikin Applied has partnered with Intel and Intel companies, Wind River and McAfee, to provide the most secure system possible. Security features are built in for both cellular and LAN connections, and are addressed within the solution at multiple levels. This includes both embedded boot level security at the hardware level and allowing only approved and authorized whitelist users to update the embedded software.

What's more, direct access to the equipment is not possible, since the data resides in the cloud. This "remote" aspect of the data provides yet another layer of security.

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Smart buildings run on Intelligent Equipment™.

Daikin's Customer Dashboard helps building owners and tenant managers keep occupants comfortable and productive. Intelligent Equipment automated analysis summarizes and communicates alarms, makes recommendations, recognizes HVAC equipment maintenance issues and validates occupant comfort.

Intelligent Equipment measures power and performance of every unit, allowing decision makers to benchmark their equipment and buildings compared to other buildings of similar size and use.

The Customer Dashboard allows the building manager to quickly and easily monitor multiple units and multiple buildings in order to maintain peak operating efficiency and reduce total lifecycle costs.

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Smart buildings run on Intelligent Equipment™.

Service and facility managers will appreciate the convenience of the Technician Dashboard to manage and diagnose their Daikin rooftop.

Authorized users can adjust setpoints to address customer needs and resolve operation questions, even when the technician is remote, reducing maintenance costs. All data points are stored and can be trended for advanced diagnostics.

The Technician Dashboard provides equipment maintenance notifications and keeps a running history of all service performed on the unit. This helps ensure from the initial commissioning and start-up to ongoing maintenance and operation changes, the unit keeps operating at peak performance.

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Daikin Applied and Wind River®