Planta Modular

The High Efficiency, Low Cost Alternative to Site-Built Central Plants

The Daikin Modular Central Plant (MCP) combines a chiller and/or boiler, cooling tower, pumps and interconnecting condenser water piping in a pre-engineered and pre-assembled module.

Daikin Advantages

Quality - The MCP factory fabrication and assembly provides quality that exceeds outside field practices. Galvanized finish on all structural steel and condenser water piping is standard.
Efficiency –The Daikin chillers used in the MCP are industry leaders in efficiency. In addition, the MCP comes standard with cooling tower VFDs for enhanced part load performance.
Simplicity – Single source OEM supplier.
Reliability – ETL inspected and certified.




Additional Options for Optimum Flexibility

  • Redundant primary and condenser water pumps
  • Redundant cooling towers
  • Tower basin filtration
  • Tower basin heater
  • Stainless steel hot and cold water basins
  • Complete stainless steel tower construction
  • Winterized MCP for cold climate applications
  • Variable primary pumping
  • Primary/secondary pumping
  • Air separator
  • Air and dirt separator
  • 65,000 AIC breakers
  • MCP extended parts and labor warranty
  • Waterside economizer
  • Chilled and condenser water pipe insulation
  • Sealed combustion boilers for heating and domestic hot water applications
  • Zone 4 seismic construction
  • Single point power connection

Custom requirements – we can meet most special customer requirements such as N+1 redundancies for data centers.


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